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10 solid reasons why you should list your home with a realtor

You may be tempted to skip the formalities and save yourself the commission that would otherwise have been spent on hiring a realtor in Arizona, but we assure you, the little money you save can not be compared to the amount of time and energy you will waste, not to speak of the countless mistakes you would have made along the journey.

This article is all about helping you understand the job of a realtor. In 10 easy-to-understand points, we will tell you why hiring a realtor is extremely important when selling your home in Arizona or anywhere else.

Why do I need a realtor?

  1. A realtor will price your house correctly

Pricing a home too high is one of the top 3 reasons why many homes sit on the market indefinitely. Pricing it too low, on the other hand, will leave you with nothing but regret when you find out how much your house could have sold for. This is why you need a real estate agent to appraise your house accurately. Not only can they make a more informed calculation of your home’s worth, they also know the average range of property prices within the area. This helps them to price your house competitively and attract a steady stream of potential buyers.

  1. A realtor will help you avoid costly mistakes

You may never have sold a house before, and even if you have, the real estate market is changing every day, and only a person who is involved with the market full-time can keep abreast with the ever-changing trends. Having a real estate agent in your cornet will help you avoid silly mistakes many sellers make when selling a home. (Click the link to read more).

  1. A good realtor will put their network to work on your behalf

A good realtor in Arizona has a large network, and a large network means more potential buyers. You as a person on the outside cannot possibly have access to the diverse network of buyers, sellers, and other agents that a real estate agent has. Enlisting their services also means tapping into their rich network to sell your home faster.

  1. A realtor can connect you to other independent contractors

Need a moving company? Your real estate agent can help with that. Need cleaning services or a handyman to conduct repairs? Your real estate agent has got you covered. Often, hiring a real estate agent saves you hours of research that would otherwise have been spent on finding independent contractors.

  1. A realtor knows how to get a stream of buyers pouring in

A good agent knows how to price your house right, how to stage it attractively, and where to advertise it to potential buyers.

  1. A realtor will represent you in negotiations

Not so good at negotiations? Don’t worry, with a real estate agent by your side, you have a savvy and experienced negotiator to represent your best interest at all times.

  1. A realtor will take care of the closing documents

Except you are a lawyer, chances are that you know nothing about the legal documents required during a real estate transaction. Failing to file even one of those documents can potentially land you in serious legal trouble, however, with a real estate agent on your side, you can rest assured that all the required documents will be filed appropriately.

  1. Selling your home by yourself may actually cost you money

Statistics reveal that homes that sell FSBO usually sell for about 6% less than homes that sell with the help of a realtor. Just imagine the disappointment you will feel when you discover that you could have made a significantly higher amount from your home sale!

  1. You can have a stress-free sale

Hiring a realtor allows you to go about living your life without having to fuss over even the tiniest details about the sale. You can relax and trust that the task of selling your home has been left in capable hands.

  1. You have absolutely nothing to lose

Think about it. What do you really have to lose by hiring a realtor? You get a consultant, advisor, appraiser, and negotiator rolled up into one and the profits you derive from the sale of your home will cover the fees. What could possibly be a better deal?

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