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Best Design Apps for Interior Decoration

With a new home comes a new beginning, and if you are moving into a new space, the chances are that you will love to give the place a nice, fresh feel that marks this new beginning. What better way to achieve this than by touching up your home décor, bringing to life your personality, and injecting the space with a warm personal feel?

Now that you are moving into a new house, what do you think is required to make your new home a place that you always can’t wait to return to at the end of each long day? You will definitely need to break the bank in order to spruce your new place up, or hire the services of an extremely expensive interior designer, right? Wrong. Thanks to technology and the internet of things, new homeowners can now tap into an inexhaustible resource of ideas and tools for interior decoration. We will be going over a few of our favorites in this post.

  1. Google keep:

When it comes to planning, we definitely recommend this app! Its cloud-based storage and easy-to-grasp user interface make it the ideal tool for design planning.

Using Google keep, you can have all your notes, pictures, videos, and décor ideas all stored in one safe place.

  1. Havenly:

This fantastic app puts an experienced interior designer in your pocket at an incredibly affordable price. Using Havenly, all you have to do is take a photo of the space you wish to decorate, upload it to the platform, and voila! The app connects you to a professional designer who takes an interest in your space and understands your style.

Additionally, you can take it a step further by hiring the designer to work personally with you, all at an incredibly affordable price.

  1. Trello:

Trello allows you to create boards that help you keep track of your priorities and work progress. This is super helpful, especially when you are redecorating a whole house because you can easily have plans for each room marked under an assigned board.

The app also allows you to check tasks that you have completed and set deadlines and due dates for each task, keeping you super-organized throughout the home design process.

  1. Pinterest:

You may not already know this, but Pinterest is the hub of all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Search Pinterest to find thousands of ideas about home décor, feng shui, color combination, and much more.

You can “pin” your findings to boards that help you locate the items (called pins) easier and works with the algorithm to show you similar content on your timeline.

So whether you are just making improvements to an area of the house, revamping the entire house, or moving into a new space, the tools mentioned above are exceptional and were created to make your home décor experience much easier and straightforward.

Do you have any favorite home décor apps you have used yourself? Did you try any from our list? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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