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Moving to Gilbert in 2022?

Moving to Gilbert: everything you need to know

Gilbert is a quiet, safe, and luxurious neighborhood nestled in the Maricopa County of Arizona, just south-wet of phoenix.

One fun fact about Gilbert: it used to be known as the hay-shipping capital of the world. This probably owes to the fact that large cotton, dairy, and alfalfa farms used to surround the area and Gilbert farmers notably supplied the US Army with hay for their horses in World War I.

In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about moving to Gilbert AZ in 2021 and beyond.

Everything you need to know about moving to Gilbert AZ

Gilbert is a rather old town, it was incorporated in 1920, and is located approximately 38km southeast of Phoenix. It is neighbored by other towns such as Mesa and Tempe, where the scene is quite similar aesthetic-wise.


Gilbert used to be a predominantly agricultural economy, however, you have nothing to worry about if you’re relocating to Gilbert for better job opportunities, as the town has since diversified into other income-producing sectors such as construction and more recently, tech.


In late November, an annual 3-day celebration known as “Gilbert days” holds in Gilbert, Arizona. This celebration marks the anniversary of the full paving of the Gilbert road through the town.

The town also sports a number of events and cultural centers such as the Riparian Institute and the Gilbert Historical Museum. There are also public swimming pools, recreation centers, community centers, and a skateboard park.


Arizona is a sports hub and indeed a dream destination for any sports lover and Gilbert isn’t missing out on any of the action. Living in Gilbert offers you a unique opportunity to watch Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and lacrosse games played by prestigious teams such as the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Cubs.


Gilbert is currently home to about 237,000 people; 51.4% of which are female and 48.6% of which are male.


If you are a family planning on moving to Gilbert AZ, you should know that the school district in Gilbert is the 7th largest in Arizona, currently accommodating over 34,000 students. The school district has bagged several awards, including an award for the 4th best school district in all of America.

Moving to Gilbert with Tammy Gazda

Tammy is a seasoned real estate agent with a sound knowledge of the real estate market in Gilbert and its environs.

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