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Top 5 Moving Tips for A Stress-free Move

So you have recently gotten the keys to your new house, a place that you get a chance to design, decorate and make feel like home; but first, you have to wave goodbye to your old home first.

Saying goodbye to your old home and cutting the ties that used to bind involves many things, the first of which is gathering up your furniture, personal effects, and all the things that used to make that space feel warm and special. Many homeowners say that moving is stressful and that the activity causes them to feel a lingering sense of nostalgia. Perhaps this is why they hardly ever get to do it on time.

Whether you are moving into the apartment across the street or halfway across the country, here are 5 helpful moving tips and hacks to make your move a stress-free one.

  • Start Moving Early:

It may be difficult waving goodbye to the space you have called home for a long time, but you must realize that the earlier you begin to prep for your move, the better your chances of cutting the stress involved.

The greatest genius moving hack we can give you is simply to start early. This allows you to plan ahead of time, organize properly, and prevents you from experiencing that last-minute terror attack you feel when you realize its moving day tomorrow and you haven’t packed a single thing.

  • Boxes:

If you have ever had to move, then you will know that we cannot overstress just how important boxes are to the entire process. Boxes help you be more organized, by labeling them you can keep track of exactly where what is supposed to go. They also help you protect fragile and delicate items such as vases and ceramic plates.

When it comes down to buying boxes for the move, our biggest helpful moving tip is to buy more boxes than you think you may need in a range of sizes. This is never a waste because companies like U-haul have a return policy for unused boxes; therefore, if you do not know exactly how many boxes you will need, it is more advisable to buy more than you eventually will need than to have to make trips to the store several times.

Buy small, medium, and large boxes as well.

  • Clothes:

Moving your clothes to a new house can be an arduous task because you wear them every day and somehow, you have to pack them up if you want to begin packing up early. One apartment moving tip that has helped us through the years is counting the days ahead until the move and leaving out a few clothes for work, home, gym, sleep, and other activities; the other clothes should go in the box! Another helpful moving tip is to put your hanging clothes in a garment bag or a hanging cloth storage bag and secure the hangers together with an elastic band so that they don’t get disorganized. This way, you can simply unzip the garment bag and put your clothes back up to hang in the closet of your new house.

  • Liquids :

If you have liquids such as oils, creams, or petroleum jelly that may melt when exposed to heat, one moving hack is to place a plastic food wrap over the jar before securing it with the lid. This ensures that no liquid leaks out and creates a mess.

  • Toys:

If you have kids, then it is a great idea to pack up the toys they don’t play with very often into a labeled box. Put the toys they like to play with into a transparent bin and have them pick it up and put it back into the bin when they’re done playing. This way, all you have to do is slap on the lid when it’s moving day.

We hope these little moving hacks have given you great new ideas about how to make moving a less stressful experience for yourself and your loved ones. Do you have any moving tips and tricks of your own that you would like to share with us? Let us know down in the comments!

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