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How to get your house ready to sell before spring 2022

When it comes to selling a house, planning ahead is always a great idea as it gives you an edge and enough time to put things in place. This is why it is a smart idea to start considering how to get your house ready to sell before spring 2o22.
In the housing market, 2021 was almost completely a seller’s market because the demands from buyers are endless, the interest rates are affordable, and the housing inventory is lower than average.

If you’re already planning to sell your house this spring, you’re on the right path. However, you also need to get the right tips on getting your house ready to sell because it is not enough to desire to sell your house. You must take actionable steps to get it ready for sale. That is why we are sharing our ultimate “getting house ready to sell checklist” with you. It will help you win big as a seller.

1. Cleaning

This should be an obvious point but unfortunately, it isn’t. Some people do not see thoroughly cleaning the house as an important part of getting your house ready to sell.
Cleaning your house is really important, and if you do not want to do it by yourself, there are many companies that prepare houses for sale to help you out. “Cleaning” is also a broad term because it involves a lot. From pruning bushes and weeding the garden to getting rid of outdated decoration and fixtures, to thoroughly cleaning the floors and eliminating bad odors.

Cleaning includes everything! And like we mentioned earlier, you do not have to do it yourself. You can hire one of the many companies that prepare houses for sale that specialize in helping sellers clean their houses thoroughly.

2. Declutter and depersonalize

This is an important part of the getting house ready to sell checklist. You may love the decorations and memorabilia that you’ve collected in the house very much that you do not want them changed. But you must remember that in a short while, it won’t be your house anymore.

The potential buyer should be able to envision their own property in the house when they come in. They can’t properly envision that with all of your stuff scattered everywhere. Clear up the space and let natural light into the house.

3. Repairs

This is a dicey part because although you want the house to be in good condition, you do not want to exhaust a lot of money on repairs. It is not wise to do so.

So, take a thorough look at the house (or hire a real estate agent to do so) and note down what needs fixing. From large things like changing doors (especially the front door) to minor things like fixing a faulty light switch repairing your home can really improve how it performs on the market.

How to get your house ready to sell in 30 days

It is advisable to give yourself a lot of time to prepare your house for sale before spring. But if 30 days is all you have, you can do a lot with that.

Here are a few tips on how to get your house ready to sell in 30 days. These are quick and easy things that you can get done in 30 days.

Week 1.

Decide how you want to sell your house.

You have the option to either list it on the market or sell it to a buyer one on one for cash by yourself. Each option has distinct processes that require preparation. You want to decide how to get your house ready to sell early and start preparing.

If you’re listing your house, the earlier you get a good realtor, the better. After getting your realtor, meet with them and decide on a price for your house. If you need some work done on your home and it is beyond what you can do by yourself, this is also a good time to note them down and create a budget for contractors.

Week 2.

This week, you can choose to start the interior work. Everything we mentioned at the beginning of this article: cleaning, decluttering, and repairs.
You can also paint the house to give it a fresh, new look.

Week 3.

Improve your curb appearance.

You want to make your curb more appealing to buyers and even passersby. You do not have to spend much money to do this. You can buy some affordable flowers, remove weeds, cobwebs, dirt, and dust from your balcony, paint or replace the entrance door, and every other thing that can enhance the look of the exterior of the house.

Week 4.

The time is getting closer and closer. You want to finalize your plans and get ready for home inspections. You can choose to have a pre-listing home inspection to let your buyer see the house before it officially goes out on the market. This makes the process faster.

This is also a great time to take great photos for advertisements. Tie up loose ends and list your home for sale on the market.

Have a house for sale in 2022?

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