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Legacy Sports Complex is Coming to Mesa Arizona!

It is a new dawn in Mesa, Arizona as the city is soon expected to sport a 320-acre Legacy Sports Complex that will be the pulse of the city. This initiative came as a result of a merger between Legacy Sports USA and Legacy Cares, Inc.

The new mesa sports complex is the brainchild of Randy J. Miller, Chairman of Legacy Sports USA, Chad J. Miller, CEO of Legacy Sports USA, and Dan O’Brien, Director of Performance Training at Legacy Park.

The new Mesa soccer complex will have:

  • 8 softball/baseball fields and one stadium
  • Fitness centers
  • 20 sand volleyball courts (with one stadium court)
  • An 8000-capacity multipurpose stadium
  • 23 soccer fields with a chance of expanding to 50
  • A 50-acre special events area for concerts and other special events.
  • A soccer performance playground based on Manchester United’s concept
  • 40 pickleball courts (with one stadium court)
  • 6 stand soccer fields

The indoor multi-sports building will house:

  • 62 volleyball courts and 1 multipurpose arena
  • 12 NBA Basketball courts
  • 6 Olympic-standard Futsal courts
  • A 75,000 sqft e-sports arena
  • A child care center
  • Yoga studios
  • Arcades, restaurants, and food courts, and lots more!

This Arizona sports center is expected to revolutionize the face of sports and tourism in Arizona.

Upon the completion of the new legacy sports complex slated for January 2022, you can expect the following:

  • The Legacy Sports Arizona will be a Major Tourist Attraction

From the current projections for the new Arizona sports complex in Mesa, it is expected to attract over three million visitors yearly. This will in turn affect the financial situation in Mesa positively by generating revenue from tourism.

With the influx of visitors to the Legacy Sports Complex, businesses will spring up to cater to the demands the population boom will attract. This means more money in the pocket of small, medium, and large-scale entrepreneurs.

  • The Arizona Sports Complex will further lower the Unemployment Ratio

This project is estimated to create over 1,500 jobs. This privately-owned complex will relieve the Arizona state Government from the massive burden of looking for new ways to create jobs. The direct connotation of the Arizona Sports Complex is that it will improve the living condition of the inhabitants in AZ.

  • The Legacy Sports Arizona will Foster Community Integration

The Legacy Sports Park which contains a multi-purpose arena and amphitheater is expected to bring community consciousness and harmony to Mesa and Arizona in general. In the words of Chad J. Miller, CEO of Legacy Sports USA, “…Legacy Park is not just a sports complex, but a true family entertainment center.”

  • The Complex will Offer Athletes the Opportunity to Hone their Skills

The Arizona Sports Center provides athletes at all levels a safe place to practice and train. Miller remarked that “It will offer an opportunity for athletes of all ages and levels of proficiency to develop their skills in a multitude of sports. The amateur athlete will be training and competing on the same facilities used by the professionals.”

The result of this is that the complex would produce some of the finest athletes that have ever graced the world’s stage, further giving upcoming athletes in Arizona a chance to perform in the big leagues.

  • The Legacy Center Sports Complex will be a Place for Relaxation

This complex promises to be the ideal place for thorough relaxation and escape from the busy city life. The project is being built in such a way that if your need is not to engage in a sporting activity, you are not left out. You can choose to be entertained at any of the outdoor events or by relaxing in the restaurant.

In conclusion, we predict that Legacy Sports Complex Phoenix is one sports and family entertainment center that will satisfy all the recreational demands that can be thrown at it. If you are considering moving to Arizona, now will probably be a good time, as the new sports complex promises more opportunities, activities, and leisure.

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