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Right sizing your house for your family’s size

Perhaps you have recently made a new, startling discovery: you do not need all this space! Maybe you realized this when you discovered that you’re heating more rooms than people, or during those hours you spent shoveling the snow from your driveway when you have only one car.

On the other hand, you may also have discovered that your home keeps getting smaller and smaller with all that stuff. Regardless of which of the extremes it is for you, all these are indications that you need to right-size your home.

We know what you’re already thinking: what is right sizing and how is it done? Well, we’re here to break it all down for you.

Before we tell you what right sizing is, we will tell you what it is not.

Right sizing is not leaving your large mansion with many rooms to settle for a ridiculous little house you can barely breathe in. Now to what it is.

What is right sizing?

Right sizing simply means transitioning from your current house that has become either too big or too small to a more suitable space. It could either be a bigger or smaller place, depending on what your needs are.

When you become an empty nester because your children have gotten jobs, left home, and are now independent, or you now have fewer people in your house than you used to, you realize that you no longer need the gigantic house you all used to live in, and may really be considering right sizing your home.

If you notice that you have empty rooms that you keep dumping random stuff in, you have too much room and should strongly consider rightsizing your home, in this case, downsizing.

This kind of right sizing has some benefits. Apart from the fact that it helps you save money, it is also good for your mind, as an overly spacious home can easily get cluttered.

On the other hand, if you, for example, have an infant who needs more room as they grow, or a family member who has come to stay, then it’s also time to rightsize, this time to a bigger place.

How to right size your home

The first thing to do after making the decision to rightsize is to communicate with your family members. Be it just your spouse or other people who live with you, you should discuss this decision with them to be sure you’re all on the same page and ready for the change.

Once this is done, these three steps on how to rightsize your home will help you navigate the process.

  1. Find your “why”

This is a crucial step in right-sizing. You can find your why by evaluating your current house and lifestyle. Do you have empty rooms that are never used? How often do you have guests who sleep over? After decluttering, is your house still choked up?

Answering these questions will not only help you assess your housing and find your reason why you need to move, it will also help you know what you need most in the house you move into.

  1. Figure out what size of home best fits you

From the answers to the questions above, you now have an idea of what kind of house best fits your family.

It’s time to decide on the kind of house you want. Consider your lifestyle, family size, and your belongings. You don’t want a house too big or too small. You want something just right.

Consult your family members and share ideas. Consider your financial state too.

  1. Find your new home!

This is the last step. Now you know what you want to make right about your house and how to make it right. It’s time to build your new house or start searching for it, as the case may be.

If you’re looking to buy or rent, it is important for you to take your time while looking. Making hasty decisions can end you up in a house identical to your old house since you are likely to gravitate towards a familiar house.

Ensure you take several looks at the house and visualize living in it before you take it.

Right-sizing in 2022?

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