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The Best neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ

What are the best neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ, you ask?

Gilbert Arizona has fast risen to become one of the most widely known cities in the Phoenix Valley, most likely due to its safe communities, family-friendly activities, and strong school systems.

Gilbert has been one of the fastest-growing areas in Arizona for many years and it continues to create new amenities that attract individuals from all over who want to take a closer look at starting up their lives in Gilbert neighborhoods by moving to Gilbert.

With this post on some of the best Gilbert Arizona neighborhoods, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of some of the amazing qualities that make Gilbert Arizona communities the popular delight that they are.  You may even pick out your own best place to live in Gilbert, AZ from the list of many options we present to you.

The best places to live in Gilbert AZ is subjective as people are different and want different things even when it comes to living terms. However, one thing that is certain about Gilbert neighborhoods, is there aren’t many bad options amongst them. So if your question is “is gilbert Arizona a good place to live?”, the answer is definitely a resounding yes, and a glimpse of the neighborhoods we have in store will prove that to you.

Let us take a look at some of our favorite subdivisions in Gilbert AZ and a few of Gilbert’s best places.

Our pick of the best 9 neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ

1. Val Vista Lakes

With a population of about 6,230, a median Household Income of $85,519, and a median Home Listing Price of $527,450, Val Vista Lakes is a highly desirable Gilbert neighborhood.

We have beautiful homes for sale in Val Vista Lakes that you can choose from. This suburb offers comfortable living terms and has amazing single-family homes integrated throughout a network of four man-made lakes, often referred to as a 900-acre “water-wonderland”.

Val vista has a clubhouse that has tennis courts, fitness facilities, waterfalls, swimming pools, a tropical lagoon, and a nice sandy beach.

Val Vista Lakes is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ as children have a wide range of options for great schools to attend; schools that are ranked among the top 10 high schools in Arizona.

Val Vista is one of the best communities in Gilbert AZ that has great places for food and entertainment in close proximity. Dana Park where you’ll find great places like Barnes & Noble, AJ’s Fine Foods, Cafe Zupas, Costa Vida, Chipotle, and more is a great example.

One thing is sure about Val Vista, and that is that a lot of people love it here.

2. Seville

This is one community in Gilbert AZ you want to experience.

Seville is the Gem of Gilbert Real Estate. The place where you get your piece of the American dream.
Seville exudes so much positivity and peacefulness. The Seville Golf & Country Club is highly sought after and offers relaxation, entertainment, sophistication, and recreation. Seville has some of Gilbert’s finest real estate.

If you understand what pride of place means, and you want to live where happiness and family reside, then we strongly advise you to get a home in Seville.

3. Morrison Ranch

This is one of East Valley’s premier destinations. Morrison Ranch is a unique 3,000-acre master-planned community different from any other in the metro-Phoenix area.

The unique Morrison Ranch is special in that it is still owned by the Morrison family – one of the original families that made Gilbert what it is today.

This family arrived from Oklahoma in the 1920s, and up till the 1970s, they turned their 3,000 acres of land into one of the East Valley’s biggest farming operations.

Morrison Ranch was known to be one of the world’s largest dairy farms and one of Arizona’s largest operating ranches. The ranch is known for its operations, such as growing cotton, corn, and alfalfa.

Today, over sixty years later, three of the third-generation Morrison family members are still managing and actively involved in the planning and development of Morrison Ranch. The land has a rich agricultural heritage.

If you’re into the vibe that Craftsman, Prairie, and Contemporary Ranch offers, you’d absolutely love Morrison Ranch.

The entire neighborhood has a country feel with miles of tree-lined streets, groves of trees, and white rail fences.
The Morrison Town center brings the needed balance into the countryside life with the convenience of a thriving business community.

4. Finley Farms

Residents of Finley Farms enjoy proximity to the Eastern Canal Trail, which is one of the most popular paths for bikers, runners, or simply those who like to take leisurely strolls. Finley Farms has a spot amongst the best Gilbert Arizona neighborhoods also because it houses the top-rated Greenfield Elementary and Finley Farms Elementary schools.

Finely farm is a Gilbert Community that is full of Communities.

It has a population of about 3,977. Its median Household Income is $85,070 and its median Home Listing Price is $349,900.

5. Power Ranch

With an over 11,000 population, Power Ranch is definitely one of the largest neighborhoods in Gilbert Arizona. It has almost twice as many residents as other neighborhoods and boasts of more than 3,300 households

Power Ranch has two community clubhouses, each with its own park. It also has fishing lakes, sand volleyball, basketball courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, and more.

The Median Household Income is $92,994 and the Median Home Listing Price is $344,500.

There are strong school options available for both young children and teens, with education campuses at places like Power Ranch Elementary, Bridges Elementary, and Higley High School.

Right across the street from Power Ranch is Power Marketplace which sports an LA Fitness outlet, Cold Stone Creamery, Home Depot, Burger King, Taco Bell, and more.

6. Circle G

Circle G is a great neighborhood to live in and this list would not be complete without it. Amongst the many things it presents is the Circle G park, a 4.4-acre neighborhood park that was opened in the circle G neighborhood in 1983. The park has a large grassy basin area very useful for sports practices, two playground structures, and a swing set.

It also features a lighted tennis court, and there is a picturesque walking trail that goes around the park.

A small Ramada is available for rent for people interested in hosting fun family events. It has 16 parking spaces.

7. Whitewing

This may be one of the last mentions on our list, however, it is in no way the least.

Whitewing is considered one of Gilbert’s most luxurious communities.  It is home to the 2013 Street of Dreams, and Gilbert real estate’s finest.

Whitewing defines luxurious living. The homes in Whitewing feature the latest interior design, luxurious landscape layouts, technology, energy efficiency, and the best construction quality.

If you want a world that screams luxury, this is the place for you. It is a short distance from fine dining and world-class shopping.

Sports stars, businessmen, and retirees are also residents of Whitewing.

8. Agritopia

Next on our list of best neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ is Agritopia. Agritopia gives you a community feeling with a modern village lifestyle.

In Agritopia, everyone eats, lives, works, shops, creates, and comes together. It gives a homely feel.

It is surrounded by 11 acres of urban farmland and has a tree-lined sidewalk that leads you to a chef-driven restaurant.

The Agritopia life is one where you’re familiar with your neighbors and they know you. One with low fences that promote small talk, parks that promote playtime, porches that welcome lounging, and shady sidewalks that link your home to your children’s schools, restaurants, gardens, and shops.

9. The Bridges

Our list of best neighborhoods in Gilbert AZ will be incomplete without mentioning The Bridges. The Bridges started growing in 2013 and has since blossomed into one of the most alluring neighborhoods in Gilbert.

It had remarkable homes and parks (2 large ones and lots of small ones) that are new and astounding.

The large parks have amazing playground equipment of all types. As well as a huge awning that provides shade for the children and their parents while they are outside.

The presence of gorgeous blue lakes in the center of the neighborhood is another amazing thing. The lakes have sitting areas where residents can comfortably enjoy the view from.

Close to the Bridges is the Queen Creek Marketplace, San Tan Village, and Crossroads Towne Center which supplies a variety of stores, restaurants, and many other amenities.

There’s so much more to The Bridges. From the neat and organized Harkins Theater that offers the latest and popular movies to shopping centers, stores restaurants, Golf clubs, and schools, we definitely can not exhaust it all in this post.


These nine neighborhoods are just a few out of the many beautiful neighborhoods in Gilbert Arizona. We decided to give you a glimpse into the subdivisions in Gilbert AZ, just in case you are considering buying a house and moving to Gilbert.

If you are, then let us be the first to tell you that we have beautiful houses for sale, and have our ears to the ground regarding new housing developments in Gilbert AZ.

We have a selection of modern homes, luxury homes, and waterfront homes for sale in Gilbert AZ, and with us, your search is more than likely to come to an end.

Give us a call today at 480.848.7173; we have just what you need.

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