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Things to know before moving to Arizona

Even though Arizona is a place with almost-perfect weather, great communities, outdoor activities, and, opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, it still may not be the right place for you. If you are considering moving to AZ, naturally, there are a couple of things to know before moving to Arizona. We’ll start with the most obvious: it can get really hot (we’re talking of more than 100° Fahrenheit during the summer months). This, of course, is punctuated by spring, fall, and even though you may not expect it, winter.

In this post, we’ll go over all the things to know before moving to Arizona and give you an insider’s sneak peek into what living in Arizona is really like.

Things to know about Arizona before moving there

1. It’s really cheap

Compared to other cities in the United States, the cost of living in Arizona is pretty affordable. Tax rates are favorable, and with a median home rate of just over $300,000, you are most likely going to find decent accommodation at a reasonable price.
The average home income is $59,000, and the average cost of rent in most of its cities ranges from $900 – $1500.

2. There’s a thriving art market

If you love art, you’ll love Arizona. Living in Arizona fosters a spirit of creativity that artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives can’t seem to get enough of.

3. There’s a thriving job market

Mining, construction, and retail are just a few of the thriving industries in Arizona. Tech is also pretty hot right now, with Taiwan’s giant semiconductor company, TSMC packing up ship and moving to Arizona to start a 12 billion-dollar factory. This signals that many exciting new opportunities are to come in the field.

4. You’ll love the year-round weather

Arizona is quite dry and dusty, especially during the hot summer months, however, things cool down in the mild, enjoyable winter, and the city’s weather transforms into an almost-perfect landscape of snowbirds, mountains, and sunshine in spring and fall.

5. You may meet a few four-legged friends

Arizonians absolutely love their four-legged friends, and one thing you should know about living in Arizona is that you are bound to run into one of them every now and then. From lizards to coyotes, bobcats, and scorpions, Arizona is teeming with wildlife. You too can join in on the adventure by visiting one of the state’s many zoos or wildlife conservation centers.

6. Arizona is not just for retirees

Being home to Arizona State University, cities like Tempe are bursting with vibrant, youthful energy. There is also a new class of young professionals being drawn to Arizona, probably for the state’s bountiful outdoor activities and great cost of living. Arizona has also been proven to be a great place to start a family.

7. Are you a Baseball fan?

If you love baseball, then you will love living in Arizona. Being home to the Diamondbacks pro baseball team, moving to AZ will give you a chance to experience the baseball culture first-hand.

8. The landscape is breathtaking

Many people describe Arizona as an Instagrammer’s paradise. The southern half of the state is largely desert-themed with hiking paths and cacti dotting the landscape, while the south is lined with plateaus, mountain ranges, waterfall lakes, and pine forests.

If you are thinking about moving to AZ, then here’s an extra tip that is probably right at the top of the list of things to know before moving to Arizona: You are probably going to need a car. This is because Arizona is still largely a driving state, and living in Arizona without one may not be the most convenient experience.

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Is Arizona a good place to live?

From the great school districts, outdoor activities, perfect weather, and great communities, we will say yes. In our opinion, Arizona is a great place to live. Living in Arizona offers you a unique opportunity to experience both nature, modern living, and the benefits of a great community. However, we will leave the “is Arizona a good place to live” question open to you to come and see for yourself.

Moving to Arizona in 2022?

Let’s take a wild guess… If you are searching for things to know before moving to Arizona, then you probably have plans to move to Arizona (or have at least considered it) sometime in the future.

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